Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A campers life

Our little girl left Sunday for Church camp. It's been hard not being able to talk to her and it's only been 3 days. There has never been a time we've been away from each other and at least talked with her on the phone. We know she's having a great time and she's learning so much more then we could ever show her. I pray that this experience makes her grow to be a better person and to learn about others. It's been nice and quiet in the house without the kids fighting but I really miss not tucking in my boo boo. The first night she was away I promised her I would tuck her left behind animals in. Counting down the two days and five hours till she's back in our arms.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

OH my goodnes....

Well, the sickness has FINALLY stopped in this house!! I got it after Kory, then the girls got it last weekend and Doug just finished up with it yesterday.. I hope and pray NONE of you get it.

The girls last day of school was May 22nd.. It's gonna be a LONG summer.. it's already in the high 90's and the kids are bickering back and fourth. While listen them yesterday AM I said I am NOT going to listen to this ALL summer long.. So I went online looking to see what I could get them involved in. Ahhh SWIMMING!! Yes, that's it!! I signed them up through our town program. Eight lessons for $22 dollars.. They started yesterday and LOVED it!! Their lesson is from Noon to 12:30 and the pool opened to the public at 1PM. So we decided to pack a lunch and hang at the pool yesterday.
The kids had a BLAST!!
The only downer for the day was that our sun lotion must have been in the heat to long because we all got burnt. :O( Me more than the kids because I kept lobbin on the lotion.. but forgot to get me.. So today we had to go to our lesson and leave afterwards. The kids were just as excited to go to the library as they were to be in the pool all day.. The library is doing a summer reading program which the kids thinks is great. They got their 1st prizes today.. Lame ones but they were happy none the less. Piper is such the book worm.. I'm so glad she enjoys it!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

WOW what a Mother's Day

I got woke up to not Happy Mother's Day but "Mom, I just got sick" from my poor 7yr. old.. Shortly followed by the 3yr old yackin.. :oO

My 16 r. old did make a BEAUTIFUL card for me and french toast for breakfast.
Doug went out and got me gifts from the kids.
But I was sad that they are sick!!

Tonya offered to stay home with the kids because they were to sick. So Doug & I went to church leaving the kids in Tonya's hands. Upon arriving to church Doug stated that he wasnt feeling good. :o( We got home from church and ALL (but Tonya) took a nap. I woke at 3PM. It was a much needed rest.. They were veggie's on the couch all day. Nice part about the day is it was very quiet.. No fighting, arguing or bickering. Hope you all had a wonderful mother's day! I know mine will be one not to forget..

Today Kory woke up a pistol wanting to eat. I was afraid for him to eat.. But feed him and then he asked for MORE!! and MORE!! He's been pestering his sister. Piper stayed home from school. She's been lying around on the couch all morning but looks like she is feeling better now. She's up and about playing with Kory and all that they have eaten is staying down.. Yippie!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

April Update

Sorry I've been bad about updating this but this has been a busy time for me, not to mention hard time.

We finished up soccer in April. I was sad to miss the last game but I had 4 customers at Celebrate Phoenix that I need to be there for.

The week after the last game we had a end of year soccer party at our home. Over 40 people. (10 girls on the team plus family & siblins) It was fun though. Our team mom took her photos and my photos plus some video and put it on a cd to music. It was AWESOME!!

Along with all this going on our HOA (Home Owners Association) Board asked if I would head up our Spring Shin-dig again. So I was in charge of putting it all together. It is fun to do!! I really enjoy doing it but it does take some time and with a BUSY 3 yr old.. It's double the work. We had the party in the park this past weekend, May 3rd. It was a beautiful night and all enjoyed.

Piper and Kory dancing with the neighborhood
Piper shooting everyone at watertag

April was a BUSY month for birthday's too.. From April 2nd to the 9th I had someone with a birthday each day.. A total of 20 birthday's of friends and family for the month of April.. :oO

I also have been very active in the church. Every Thursday Kory and I go to MOPS. (Mothers of Preschoolers) This past Thurs. I severed in the child ministery. Part of MOPS is that we all must serve once the calendar year. I was in a room of 18 children from 13 months to 23 months. I never had an empty hand or lap for 2 hours. It is SOO great to see the love another's child shows you.

Many of you know I'm very active in scrapbooking as well. I make it a point to set up 2 scrapbook nights a month for my Creative Memories customers and myself to get caught up on our albums.. hahahah will we ever be caught up??? I have also been going to local scrapbook stores with my soccer moms and the church's once a month crop. The church has two campuses. The scrap nights are always held at the campus we are not part of, 12 miles further than our campus. So I asked about if they will ever have any at our campus. Carrie said yes and asked if I'd be willing to help her with it. Of course I said yes I'd LOVE to HELP!!!! A couple days later she emailed me to tell me there was a meeting and if I was interested that I should come to get more info. I of course so wanting a local group, I went. At the meeting the lady stated she was so excited to see new faces and wanted to introduce them all. She introduced me as "Leader to the Gilbert Scrappin Sisters" :oO At first I was excited and taken back by heading up this but now I've accepted it and realized that God has a bigger plan for me than I know.

April 30th Doug's Dad and his wife Vicki came out to stay with us till May 5th.
What a BLESSING it was to have them with us!! They spent so much time with Kory that he was crying when they left. It was a break that I needed too..

Along with all this I have been struggling with MANY things from my past. My X's son called in April didn't help matter's. I can only hope it's for the right reasons, getting reconnected with his siblings but one never knows. I haven't shared these "troubles" with many but my dear closest friends. I'm so very grateful to my wonderful husband that has been VERY supportive and helping me through these times. I also want you to be aware that I am in contact with medical help to get through this. Just a couple sessions and we've seen a BIG improvement. God is there to guide us as well and all will turn out wonderful.

Prayers to my friends that are dealing with so very much more.. Tonia, Amy, & Stacy our prayers are with you!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

So sorry!!

I REALLY need to get better about this but it has been a busy time for me.

Last week Friday the 11th, I had Bunco here at our house. Twelve of us gals get together monthly and play. It was my turn to host. We also wanted to have a baby shower for one of the gals that is expecting in May so we combined it with Bunco.

Saturday the 12th was the girls LAST soccer game of the season and I had to miss it.. DOUBLE SAD!!

I was at Celebrate Phoenix an ALL day scrapbooking event. I went as a Creative Memories consultant and had 4 customers there. WOW was it over wheming... All the NEAT designs displayed, networking and help my customers. It should be a two day event. :O)

Being over excited about going to this event as a consultant I wasn't able to get much sleep and didn't get to bed until after midnight when the Bunco gals left.

Tues. night Doug and I finally had a date night. We use to make it a point to have one every Tues. night but haven't lately. It was nice to just have some one on one time to talk without any interuptions. I've had alot on my mind lately.

Thurs. AM's Kory and I go to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) through church. It is great for him to have play time with others his age and me to get to have some adult time.

At our last HOA (Home Owners Association) meeting the board sprung on me the Spring "Shin-Dig" Men and their names... I am the communications director and it is my job to plan parties for the neighborhood. Each year we have a Fall and Spring festival.. The men of the board wanted a different name then festival so they came up with SHIN-DIG.. :oP This year they gave me 30 days to pull it all together. They have been himing and hawing on dates.. At the April's meeting (3-3) they said lets go with the 4th of May.. :oO DJ was already booked.. so I found another. One of our board members wanted to go with hot dogs.. Last event we went with Pizza.. it was a HIT!! Last Monday I got an email stating lets go with the pizza.. So I had to line that up, thankfully I know the guy and he's VERY accomidating. Went round and round with the Bouncy companies and FINALLY got all that locked in.. So it is all done and ready for May. Wheewww

Today we have the WHOLE soccer team coming over for an end of year party.. We have 10 girls on the team and their family is joining us. Tonya and I cleaned up the house and yard. We put the slide up last night and are HOPING that the sun comes out.. It's not looking so promissing. I just finished baking a cake and now off to the store.. I'll post some photo's tomorrow?? I hope!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Daddy's NEW Grill

After listening to MANY complaints about his "old" grill, Tonya and I convinced him to spend the money and get a real grill. What a pleasure it was last night to have him happily cook perfect pork lions. And MAN were they good!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Update on family

Dr.s office called and said Doug's X-ray was clear for Valley Fever and Phenomena. Thank goodness... But his ear infection is really getting the best of him. It's making him lightheaded and nausa. Otherwise he's on the road to recovery with LOTS of rest (which is driving him nuts) and liquids. I went to the Dr. on Wed. and she put me on antibotics as well. I'm felling a lot better already.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Update on Doug

Friday when Doug came home from work he wasn't feeling to good. Went right to bed. He hasn't been the same since we got back from our trip. If you recall he was sick Monday the 25th while in FL. He was in bed all this past weekend. Needless to say we did not make our anniversary dinner and he never made it out of bed.

Today I got a call from him asking me to call the dr. WOOOOOOW he must really feel crappy. I called and got him in today. He calls me up said the dr. put him on antibotics for cough, ear infection and sinus infection. Plus he wants to send him for a chest Xray that he might have phenomena?? So we are awaiting on the chest Xray. Being I too can't shake my cough and sinus headaches, I'll be going to the drs tomorrow so I don't get phenomena.

Highlights from our trip to Florida

Update on James

I recieved a letter yesterday from him asking that I share with you his new graduation date of May 30th. Also his new address is

PVT Mariano, James
Bravo Company
2nd BN 81st AR REGT
5922 Wilson Rd.
Fort Knox, KY 40121

The letter from his commander ask that we send letters to our soliders but PLEASE do NOT send care packages.